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Door Posters of-the-month club

Decorating your classroom door is a constant problem.  Coming up with the idea seems to be the biggest challenge.  If that’s you,  you’re gonna love this!

Give your classroom door a face lift each month with zero creativity.  Just open the tube, pull out the poster and tape it to the door.  You’re done!

This is the teacher club that just keeps giving.  Door posters for seasons and holidays and you can save the tubes to store them and reuse the posters on bulletin boards or as wall posters later.  Here’s the scoop… When you join the Knock-Knock Club, you will receive one free poster that is great to display any time of year.  You will also get the current monthly poster.  Each month you will get an email notice to show you the new Knock-Knock Door Poster.  If you like it, do nothing and it will automatically be mailed to you before the month begins.  If you dislike the poster, simply reply “No thanks.  Not this month.”  Although our feelings will be hurt, we understand you might not like every design.  Your choice.  Cancel your Knock-Knock membership at any time.  We can still be friends.

From all of us at Classroom Swag, we just want your teacher awesomeness to shine!


door-poster-2 img953066 door-poster-4 octdoor door-poster-5

Knock-Knock Posters are available through



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