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The Reading Tree


Create a three dimensional scene in your classroom with the Reading Tree.  This is a perfect area to place book shelves cute rugs and folding lawn chairs where kids can come read books.  Make your reading area or Books Center a special place in your classroom.

Wrap the eight foot tree bark poster around a couple of cement mold tubes purchased from the home improvement store.  Stand the tree trunk in the corner or along the wall.reading-tree2Next, cut apart the foliage.  Notice the foliage is wider on one side than the other side.

reading-tree3The wider foliage is hung closer to the trunk.  The pattern for hanging the foliage is like a target.  Think of the trunk as e bulls-eye then add the foliage in rings around the trunk.

reading-tree4The rings should be approximately 6-10 inches apart.  Add items like a rope swing, clouds or lettering to label “The Reading Tree.”

reading-tree5We recommend Mavalus Tape to secure your foliage to the ceiling.  Creating tabs of tape that would stick to the ceiling can be pinned to the ceiling with tacks, staples or straight pins if the adhesive is not effective.


The Reading Tree kit

Includes two sets of foliage both eight feet long and 3’x8′ realistic bark poster





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