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No Email Tip Today.  Just a quickie announcement and testimonies from people that love them.  One book is free and one is on sale till November 30. Get your copy today!wild

Free Holiday Book– We have a new book series to be released called “Ideas Gone Wild!” for Kid’s Ministry.  The first book to roll out is our Holiday Edition.  The best news is… it’s FREE!

Other books in this series include: Learning Centers, Bible Skills, Kid’s Events, Camp Activities and more to come.  Be sure to get your copy today!


Mr. Mark hit a homerun! What fabulous ideas for parents, teachers, and church staff. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and creativity with us!

Caroline Poe

Loved the book!  I love the way it’s divided into each holiday, has illustrations of each project, and has simple and quick projects as well as more compli cated ones.  Good job!  Can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Donna Callaway

 Ideas Gone Wild, Holiday Edition is awesome!! Thank you for sharing. All the Ideas are creative, fun, doable and can be modified for a wide range of ages.

Jan Gilstrap

I found lots of fun ideas to use for various activities we have at our church, plus ones for Bible study, too.  Thanks for sharing! 

Beverly Regensbergholiday

Idea Notebook– Now available as a digital download (PDF).  You can download a copy for $11.97 with no shipping, compared to $21.99 printed copy.  See this and all the books, games and children’s toys in our online store. Sale Ends November 30, 2015


Thank you so much for the idea book!.  It is amazing.   It will certainly be useful in our school.  Blessings to you and your creative writers .  Keep those ideas coming!  We really appreciate all you do to encourage appropriate activities for preschoolers.

Alice McDonald

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