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Seems like I often look at my life and ministry and ask, “Why can’t I get off high center?”  Nothing is moving forward.  I’m not one to be content with clocking in and clocking out, meeting status quo.

I like trying new stuff and enjoying new experiences.  I recently heard of the “explorer gene” and felt like someone finally diagnosed me (mixed with some ADD– of course).  I always thought I just liked to have fun.  I wish I could go back and tell all my elementary school teachers.  Maybe it would have helped.  Maybe not.

Coming to grips with who you are and identifying your strengths and weaknesses is a great sign of maturity as a leader.  It shows you are willing to learn and be the best leader you can be.  In my reading and observations, I have journaled some common barriers in kid’s ministry.  Here is a checklist I have asked myself and now I am asking you.  If you are setting goals and trying to improve your leadership, honestly read this list and consider if you need help with anything.  I want you to be the Kid’s Ministry Champion that God has designed you to be.  Now get your flesh out of the way! (I say that with Christian love.)

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

Common Barriers Checklist

□ Low Energy

□ Impatience

□ Defensiveness

□ Critical of Others

□ Low Stress Tolerance

□ Moody & Irritable

□ Poor Team  Player

□ Inflexible

□ Unfocused

□ Poor Time Management

□ Lack of Trust in Others

□ Lack of Integrity

□ Indecisive

□ Poor Communication Skills

□ Poor Listening Skills

□ Lack of Passion

□ Low Self Confidence

□ Lack of Empathy

□ Overly Dependent

□ Poor Work/ Life Balance

□ Negative/ Pessimistic Thinking

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