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I have been cleaning out the children’s classrooms trying to recover from summer fun and classes moving for a new year.  I am shocked and disgusted by all the crickets and cricket parts.  Is this some kind of mild plague?  Yuck!

Our Kindergarten and First Grade classes are trying a new thing this year by my request.  (Hope this goes well!)  We now have a boy’s class, a girl’s class and a mixed class.  Kindergarten is both hours.  My theory is it will be easier to prepare and teach for girls only or boys only.  We just need to know how their brains work and what will connect the Bible truth to their understanding.  For more about that, see my podcasts #22 & #23. cricket

There’s where the furniture moving and cleaning began.  I grabbed some unsuspecting, caring type and said, “You got a couple of minutes don’t you? Let’s move this stuff out of here and put this better stuff in here.” And the classrooms began their extreme makeover.  Love it!

The boy’s classroom no longer needed a reading nook with pillows and tables became smaller while the block area became larger.  Homeliving center items became a vet’s office for animals and space was created for moving and playing group games so they could stretch growing muscles.

The rooms were full of old literature, VBS rubble and other aftermath of summer 2013.  Chairs were matched up again in classrooms, tape pulled off the carpet, cabinets were rearranged as well as furniture in hopes of children (and parents) coming and noticing our care for excellence.

That brings me to the crickets (insert shiver).  Do you have crickets coming out by the droves?  I was amazed that our classrooms on the second floor have tons of the black icky insects.  We have had the building professionally exterminated twice so now we sweep cricket carcasses daily.  Be aware that you may need to arrive early before children arrive to deal with this because the fear of crickets or bugs can shut down learning in a hurry.  As you inspect each room, go ahead and pray for the class and teachers.  Because you’re smart!

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