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We had to create a second Third Grade class during our first hour of Sunday School.  I was worried the kids moving to the new class would feel rejected.  I decided to teach the class myself so they would feel special.  We have had a good time learning about Joseph and Moses last quarter.

As December started, I asked the kids if they would like to help me decorate the classroom.  They were thrilled, to say the least.  I know this sounds simple and overdone but I asked the kids to help me make a chain with red and green construction paper to hang around the room.  They were so delighted!  It made me wonder if they had never done this before.  We began cutting strips of paper and taping or stapling to build our chain.  After everyone was working so diligently, I used some gift wrapping paper to cover the bulletin board and classroom door (cutting the window opening so it could be used).

We hung the chain and some tinsel on the bulletin board and the classroom was beautiful!  I added the teaching pictures and Bible verse posters and our room was complete.  The kids were so proud and we had such a great time.  It only took half the hour so we had time to have our Bible story and learning activities.  This is only four of the decorators (others come late- Ugh!).

What do you like to do with your class for Christmas?


PS—Here is a great idea from our Weekday Teachers for Preschool.  Felt Christmas tree so the one year old kids can decorate it with shapes cut from felt.  This is so cute and so great for preschool.  I have the best teachers!!

Merry Christmas!!

Mr. Mark


Paperclip Angel












Materials to gather for each student:  one butterfly paperclip, one pony bead, 1/8” wide ribbon cut into 12 inch lengths.

Fold ribbon in half and  loop around center of butterfly paperclip.  Thread on bead and tie knot to secure the bead.  Tie another knot on the end of the ribbon so that you can hang it.

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