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I was leading a conference in Tyler TX about guiding behavior in the preschool classroom.  I set the scene with Cameron, an expressive three year old coming in the room and playing at the water table when suddenly he began splashing the water. I explained to this room of experienced teachers the correct way to deal with the situation and asked a serious question. Remember there was a full room of teachers watching me.  I asked, “Cameron lost his turn because of his bad choice but what if Cameron goes and plays at another learning center then returns asking if he can play at the water table again.  Do I let him?”  A good number of the conferees said with certainty, “No!” So I came back with a question, “Does Jesus forgive?” hoping they they would reconsider their answer and agree with me.


A lady from the front row to the right side said rather loudly, ” Not today, he doesn’t forgive!” The room began to laugh and I must admit, I did too.  I quickly reminded them that Jesus does forgive- always forgives.  She spoke up again, “Not at the water table!”  More laughter erupted and it was very funny.


Whatever your discipline policy and practice might be, Jesus does forgive and gives us “Do Overs”.  Aren’t you glad?  This is a great reason for us to be forgiving those in our classroom too.  Some people might think they can not be forgiven but Jesus gave his life for your forgiveness. It is a precious gift that is given to you.  Accept it.


Give forgiveness today.  If it’s at the water table, workplace or in your home.   By the way, Cameron did get to play again and he gave me lots of reasons to praise him for playing at the water table correctly.  I choose to train kids not punish them I hope you will too.  What is a funny water table story you have experienced?

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