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Gather Supplies:

  • Homestyle/ Kettle Corn Popcorn (Microwave bags are easiest.)
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk (Amount depends on group size.)
  • Food Coloring
  • Sprinkles/ Additional Toppings (Optional)
  • Eye Droppers (New/ Clean)
  • Durable Plates/ Big Bowls
  • Clear Cups


  • Pop popcorn and put on durable plates or big bowls.
  • Divide up the Sweetened Condensed Milk into plastic clear cups and add food coloring as desired. Put an eye dropper in each cup.
  • Allow kids to use eye droppers to “paint” all over their popcorn with the different colors!
  • Top with sprinkles or other toppings as desired!
  • Eat and enjoy!
  • *Adjust activity for any food allergies.

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