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Here’s another fun autumn Bible skill game you can use to teach kids which divisions each book of the Bible belongs.  Learn how the Bible is organized in a fun high energy game.  



  • Die cut of a leaf or print out and trace
  • Construction paper (fall colors)
  • Marker to write (or print out on labels) a book of the Bible on each leaf
  • Container or bag for each division



  1. Prepare leaves for each book of the Bible that you will be reviewing. Use one color of construction paper per division for younger kids. Or you could use one color for all the leaves to challenge the older kids. You can play this game with the just Old Testament or just the New Testament, or review all of the books of the entire Bible. 
  2. Laminate each leaf so that they will last longer.  
  3. Set up your container with divisions of the Bible written on them (Law, History, Poetry, etc.) and place them around the room.  
  4. In the middle of your classroom, drop all of the leaves to mix them up. It might be a fun option to hide the leaves in a large basket or a box with filler.
  5. You can play this game as a time trial or make a duplicate set and have teams compete to see who can sort the leaves the fastest.  




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