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  1. Who are you?
    Be a healthy Christian that leaks on people and reminds them to care for their own spiritual health. Be relational and your ministries will be relational too.
  2. What are you learning?
    Record outcomes from your ministry and events. We’re so busy with the “What’s Next?” in our ministry that we forget to learn from our past experiences. Make it a priority.
  3. Where are you struggling?
    Rarely is everyone your leading doing fine. Many leaders feel their ministry would be called into question if they revealed any weakness. Encourage your team by being real about your life and ministry. Understand the boundaries of transparency, but also be willing to share your own struggles, questions and victories.
  4. What do you think?
    The emerging leaders around you have something to contribute. Create room for brainstorming. Push back on leaders by asking them for opinions on everything. Remember no idea is a bad idea.
  5. How can I help?
    Leadership today is more of collaboration than the Lone Ranger. “How can I help?” is a lifeline to them. You can listen, watch, coach and give feedback. You will be modeling to them what it means to be a leader. Become a “resource broker” helping them succeed with the people and resources you have.

If you want to develop the potential in leaders around you, keep relationships as a core value in your leadership program. Remember: You can’t lead those you don’t know—and that includes you.



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