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Each year our pastor, Dr. Hance Dilbeck likes to provide a simple advent devotional guide for the month of December as we approach Christmas.  The last couple of years I have joined him in an effort to add a “Family Time or Talk” that immediately follows the devotional he has written.  It seems our church membership is very glad to have this tool as they seek to focus on Jesus throughout the holiday month.

I asked Bro. Hance and our terrific Communications Director, Samantha Decker about providing this booklet to other churches.  Samantha’s design work coupled with her ability to edit, makes this printed piece a professional grade gift to our families.  We have decided to make it available to you if you wish to distribute them to your families as well.

I know there are many churches that do not have the same resources we have at Quail Springs Baptist Church, so here is our gift to you as you seek to provide and equip the families under your care.  We removed the Pastor’s letter and information about our church, so you can add your personal and church information as you wish.  Print it as a “Booklet” and trim the top and bottom if you desire.  I hope this will help you in your busy schedule and bless your ministry and the families you love and serve.

Advent Devotional Guide 2016.pdf 

Keep up the good work!

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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