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We have two Christmas Eve services and the place is packed.  It is really a terrific tradition in our church.  Speaking of traditions, there is always a children’s sermon.  That’s where I come in.  If your pastor asks you to speak while the whole church is present, don’t miss the opportunity.  Here’s the chance to connect with people who never cross your eve

In each service there are a 100 (probably more) kids that come forward and sit with me on the steps of the stage.  We crowd together and listen while I give my 10 minute sermon.  I asked the kids to vote whether they liked colored lights or clear lights, toys or socks and underwear (pausing for laughter and asking kids to say why), chocolate candy or fruit cake, and spend the night with their best friend or your crazy Aunt Sue-Sue.  Which several children responded that they have no Aunt Sue-Sue.  I tried to explain to these literal-minded kids that everyone has a crazy Aunt Sue-Sue and she might even be in the service (wink-wink).  One relentless girl objected and began setting me straight on the matter (finger in my face) and speaking in the microphone.  Finally, she agreed (out loud) to let me off the hook.

I showed the kids a beautifully wrapped gift and a gift wrapped in torn cloth to ask which they would prefer.  You can see where this was going.  I was reading the angel’s message to the shepherds about finding the baby wrapped in cloth when a little boy reach up my pant leg and made me jump and stutter while reading the scripture.  I nicely said, “Please don’t reach up Mr. Mark’s pant leg.  With a quiver in my voice I explained it tickled.  The crowd laughed!  “It’s a little creepy too,” I continued.  The laughter flared again.  “Back to me,” I announced only to set the crowd off again.

We finished with prayer and lots of hugs from the kids.  It was fun and definitely memorable.  Do you have a Christmas Eve service?

Mr. Mark




Items needed:  Index cards, marker

It would be to the children’s advantage to play this game after you read the Bible story and have had a chance to define story words that may not be familiar.

Write words that are a part of your Bible story on each index card:  Ex: king, baby, star, time, gifts, travel, gold, frankincense, myrrh, search.  Divide children into teams if you wish.  The child draws a card and acts out the word without speaking so that his team can guess.  Younger children may need the teacher’s help.

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