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Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your Resource Kits and a few tips prompting you to want to “Praise The Lord.”

1. Take your Resource Kit home.
Sort the pictures, Bible markers, Bible & Me pages, games, etc by month. Cut out or tear apart items as directed. These can be stored in individual storage bags – ready to go when you need them. Be sure to put the item number and the directions in the bag also.

(PTL Tips:

1.Get the family involved. As you work together, talk about the Bible stories that are presented through the items in the Resource Kit.

2. Enlist the aid of a volunteer to take on this quarterly task for you. This could be a parent of one of your preschoolers, a Sunday School class or senior citizen willing to give a little help on the side. Not only will you benefit from a “prepared” Resource Kit, but you will make a beneficial connection outside of your classroom.)

2. Your Leader’s Guide is your friend.
Take it home with you. If you leave it in the classroom to look at on Sunday mornings before children arrive, you have to ask yourself a question, “Am I babysitting or am I teaching?”

Carry it with you. When someone asks “what you are reading?” it will open the door for you to share about God and your ministry and you will be surprised how many opportunities you will find to study it. (Once I planned out a whole month of lessons, had my quiet time and took a nap while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.)

Look it over cover to cover. Check out the teaching tip articles. Make a mental note of the Concept Plan for the next 3 months. Scan the lesson plans for the upcoming month and outline your plans for this week’s lesson.

Write in your books – For a quick reference make lesson plan notes in your Leader’s Guide. List the lesson plans you have chosen or specific items needed that are not available in your classroom. Highlight important details or instructions.

Note: When preparing your lessons don’t forget to check all your options:

1. Review the lesson plan for the week and the bonus ideas

2.If your Extended Care Director uses another source rather than the Extended Teaching Care (ETC) guide, tap into some of the ideas suggested in this section of your Leader’s Guide.

3. For the latest ideas check the Extra! link at

4. Scope out all your options, then tweak them or throw in ideas of your own to fit your class and your resources.

(PTL Tip: Don’t forget to take advantage of the “Teacher Connection” section in your Leader Guide each week. This short Bible study will not only prepare you to better teach the lesson each week, but it will bless you too. Each week teacher’s are directed to teach a basic Bible truth to children. The Teacher Connection Bible study can bring that truth forward to an adult level and it can remind and rekindle that truth in our hearts. When God’s word is rekindled in our hearts we are not only ready, but eager to teach.)

3. Unwrap and Play CD.
Don’t dismiss this as just music you don’t intend to use, because you’re not musically inclined. Open the CD on your computer to examine the teaching and parenting files available. Connect with parents by forwarding the parenting emails to them. Examine teacher files and copy or download items that you might need for this quarter’s lessons.

(PTL Tip: Don’t be afraid of music, slide the disc into the CD player of your car and listen to the music available for the quarter. Sing along – you’re alone in the car, who will hear you? Only God. Sing louder, sing praises to God. Whether you play the music quietly in the classroom, recite the verses when interacting with the children at play or sing along with the children during large group remember God loves a “joyful sound” and preschoolers love to sing. They will remember and repeat the catchy little tunes whether you are on key or not.)

Resource Kits are an invaluable tool designed to make your teaching experience easier and more effective. If your church provides you with a Resource Kit, don’t take it for granted. There are many teachers who would love to have such a useful tool show up in their classroom each quarter.


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