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Games challenge a preschooler to learn Bible truths as they enjoy playing with their friends.


The Giant Game Floor Mat is a resource that teachers can use in a variety of ways to enhance learning about Jesus during group time on Sunday mornings.


Supplies for Game:

  • Giant Game Floor Mat—LifeWay Christian Resources, Item 1114564

(can be ordered online or purchased at LifeWay Christian Book Stores)

  • Command Hooks® for hanging on the wall
  • white paper to place in the pockets (20 clear pockets on the mat)
  • sticky notes



1. Print J  e  s  u  s on separate pieces of paper, one large letter on each page.

2. Make two or three copies of each letter.

3. Mix and insert the pages in the pockets of the game mat. (You do not have

to use all the pockets.)


Teaching Tips:

  • Ask a child to use a sticky note to attach to a pocket with the letter J on the

page. Choose another child to find the letter e and attach a sticky note.

  • Continue guiding boys and girls to find the next letters to spell Jesus and

attach the sticky notes on the matching pages/pockets.

  • Talk about the Bible story for the session or read Bible verses about Jesus

such as: Jesus is God’s Son (Luke 1:35), Jesus grew (Luke 2:40), Jesus

went to church (Luke 2:27), Jesus went about doing good (Acts 10:26),

and Jesus loves you (John 15:12).


Alternate Idea:

Place the game mat on the floor. Provide a bean bag to involve children in

tossing the bean bag on letters to spell Jesus.


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