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For New 3s

Move the leader guide to the new class with your new 3s. Use Bible Teaching for Kids 1s & 2s Leader Guide in your new 3s class. You could use it exclusively or use it to supplement the 3s–Pre-K leader guide.

Keep group time short. Many young 3s will not be ready for a long time of group learning. Use the Quick Plan ideas for group time in the 3s–Pre-K leader guide. These 3 ideas will give you a shorter group learning experience that will meet the needs of young 3s. (Or use the “Bible Story Plus” ideas in the 1s & 2s leader guide and add a song or a movement game to lengthen it slightly.)

Simplify activities. Reduce the number of steps in an activity. Plan to do some of the steps yourself. For example, young 3s will not be able to cut out shapes or pictures easily. Cut the pictures or shapes and children can glue them.

Plan extra time to complete some activities. Young 3s may need more time to work on an activity because of their developing skills. They may need more time to spread butter for cinnamon bread or place pieces in a wooden puzzle. Their motor skills are still developing and will not be as refined as an older 3 or 4.

Plan shorter attention spans. Some activities will not be as engaging or will not take as much time with young 3s. For example, they may only want to glue a few pieces of cloth to make a collage and finish quickly. They may lose interest quickly in a matching game or homeliving play activity. Plan for these quick changes in attention.

Supervise closely activities with smaller items. Using a peg board and pegs or magnets with nuts and bolts are great activities for preschoolers but young 3s may still be tempted to put items in their mouths. Keep your eyes open and monitor children so you will know what are appropriate activities for them.

Remember, young 3s may play alongside each other but not as much with each other. Provide multiple dolls or many dishes for them to use. As they mature, they will engage in cooperative play but early in the year they may want to play more independently.


For New Kindergartners

Move the leader guide to the new class with your new kindergartners. Use Bible Teaching for Kids 3s–Pre-K Leader Guide in your new kindergarten class. You could use it exclusively or use it to supplement the kindergarten leader guide.

Use more movement during group time. New kindergartners may not be able to sit still for long periods of time. Play movement games; stand and sit to answer questions; move to find game cards or Bible verse words. Including more movement can help maintain attention.

Plan to read and write for children. Most new kindergartners can recognize their names and can identify letters of the alphabet. Show a word and ask the initial letter. Read the word to them. Print words they dictate for books, cards, or other items they create.

Substitute drawing for writing. Adapt activities so children can draw pictures rather than write words. Or allow them to cut out and glue pictures rather than writing words.

Use symbols and colors as keys. For a memory game with words, add circles, triangles, stars, and spirals. Use a different symbol (or combination of symbols) for each pair of words. For placing Bible verse words in order, print each word of the verse on a card. At the end of the first word, place a symbol or color. Place the same symbol or color before the second word. After the second word, place a different symbol or color; place the matching symbol or color before the third word; and so on. Children can match symbol/color to symbol/color to put the verse in order.

Adjust the resources you use. You may need to choose puzzles with fewer pieces or books with fewer words.

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