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October is Pastor Appreciation Month.  Most of our Bible Drillers will be learning Isaiah 6:8 around this time.  Why not make these cardboard tube owls filled with treats to let your pastors know how much they are appreciated?

What you will need:pastor

  • Cardboard paper towel tubes
  • Craft knife (leader use only)
  • Hole-reinforcement labels
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Cupcake liners (2 colors)
  • Glue
  • Candies (small)
  • Tags
  • Twine

Put it together:

  1. Cut cardboard paper towel tubes into thirds.
  2. Flatten the ends of the tubes and use a craft knife to score a half circle at the ends of the tubes on all four sides. This will allow them to fold in.
  3. Cut some of the hole-reinforcement labels in half for feathers.
  4. Allow the kids to attach wiggle eyes and draw a beak.
  5. Show the kids how to use the half labels to form the owl’s feathers.
  6. Help the kids glue the cupcake liner around the center of the tube to make the wings.
  7. Close the bottom end of the tube. Fill with candy.  Close the top.
  8. Ask the kids to print “Isaiah 6:8, who do we appreciate?” and “Thank you for being our Pastor,” on the tags. Use the twine to attach the tag.
  9. Challenge the kids to memorize Isaiah 6:8. To help visual learners remember the reference, suggest turning the 6 & 8 into owls.  Point out that the verse asks, “Who should I send, and who will go for us.” 

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