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Teachers have so many demands on their time with planning, instructing, guiding behavior and grading papers.  It is challenging to also be creative and decorate bulletin boards and doors on a regular basis.  Here’s the help you need!  Each month Classroom Swag will offer a new door poster design for teachers to use on their classroom doors or bulletin boards.  The new design will be a month ahead so there is plenty of time for it arrive and then display for a month.  You can add cut-out shapes with your kids’ names and any words or phrases.  You can order monthly or the school year set.  The school year set includes a total of nine posters and the bonus poster is included. Your first poster and the bonus poster will be sent immediately then each month you will receive the new poster.  All the planning is done for the year in just one click!  Letters and added decoration not included.



Half Door (36″x 30″) $10.00

Full Door  (72″ x 30″) $15.00

School Year Sets (10 posters total)

Half Door $87.97

Full Door $137.97

Bonus poster 2016- Welcome Kids
door-posters-1Half Door Size

door-poster-2Full Door Size

August 2016- Little Birdiedoor-poster-4Half Door Size- Pictured here on a bulletin board

door-poster-3Full Size Door

September 2016 – Super Hero Teacherimg953066Half Size Door
Full Door not Pictured

October 2016- Jack is BackoctdoorFulll Size Door

img953068Half Size Door- Pumpkin Only

November 2016- Autumn Doordoor-poster-5

December 2016- Revealed November 1

January 2017

February 2017

March 2017

April 2017

May 2017

Special Patriotic 2017

Special Easter

For more information check out the Knock Knock posters in the store.



• TP Tube
• Black construction paper
• Wiggle eyes
• Tape
• Glue
• Scissors

Position the paper vertical and tape the bottom to the tube and roll it up.


Cut the extra portion off and tape the seam to the tube so the roll is covered.


Cut a strip of paper about one inch on the backside of the tube to be the ears and feet.  Tuck the remaining portion inside the tube.


Cut a “V” shape on one end to be the ears and apply a spot of glue to add the black pom-pom for the head.  Glue the eyes in place.


Use the remaining black paper to make the wings.  Fold the rectangle in half then half again.  Cut a slight diagonal toward the fold to be the elbow.


The opposite end cut an arch along the bottom.  Open the wings and bend to fit your bat then glue the body in the center fold.  Let dry then hang upside down on the door or bulletin board.


October Knock-Knock Door Poster (Full Size)  Bats and letters added.


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