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The Blocks Center is so important to the preschool classroom.  The more I read about boys learning the more I’m convinced that construction activities need our leadership.  I am just as guilty as most teachers to go over to the blocks shelf and tip it over so all the blocks will spill out and be ready for play, but there is more we can do.

We need to engage in the construction and lead out in our conversations and storytelling.  Add more items for interest and bring in new items like PVC Pipe with fittings to connect pipes.  Remember to include stand up figures and vehicles when possible.  This will provide boys with opportunities for imaginative play (drama) as he acts out different scenarios. picture 1

One final concern involves the amount of room and number of blocks.  I have seen many preschool rooms and I always shake my head when I see the block shelf facing the corner of the room with limited space.  This only allows one maybe two kids to play and the close quarters make it very easy to accidently knock over a masterpiece. Frustrated boys have a tendency to show their anger in less than desirable ways.  If you want the blocks to be contained and not all over the room, stretch out a cotton rope or jump rope to create a boundary.

I have attached a terrific resource I had on file about blocks.  It explains many things including the number of blocks and much more.  I am unaware who wrote this but I will gladly give credit if I learn who it is.  I will store these resource pages under the resource tab in case you need it later.  Keep up the good work in the early childhood classroom!

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