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At the beginning of the summer, my elementary teachers had the idea of having water games one Sunday morning for our elementary aged children. We decided to plan it after VBS with the intention of inviting our VBS attendees.

“Splash Into Sunday School”  Our kids loved it!  I came up with games based on a lot of supplies we already had—This ended up being a fairly cheap event to pull off and our kids “soaked” it up!

Watermelon Head

Supplies: large melons, cans of Crisco, long plastic tarps
Team members will roll a Crisco coated melon down the plastic tarp with their heads. First team that has each member complete the task wins. For extra fun have teams decorate their melon first.

Pass the Water

Supplies: big trash cans, Styrofoam cups with holes poked in them
Directions: Poke holes in Styrofoam cups. Children line up side by side in between the trash can full of water and the empty trash can. The line leader next to the full trash can fill the cups with holes in them and passes it down the line of children. The team that collects the most water wins.

Head Dunk

Supplies: buckets & water
Directions: Team members will duck their heads in the bucket of water and then run down to the empty bucket and squeeze their hair into it. The team with the most water wins.

Fish for Marbles

Supplies: small pool, containers of oatmeal, marbles
Directions: Pour the oats into the pool & add water to make it ankle-deep (you want it nice and thick). Each team member must fish in the pool of oatmeal for 3 marbles and pull them out with their toes.

Buckets & Sponges

Supplies: buckets & large sponges
Directions: Each team will have a bucket of water. Team members must fill their sponges with the water and run to the empty bucket. When time ends, the team with the most collected water wins.


Supplies: sponge or small cup, bucket of water

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