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Ministry Idea – Friendship Banquet

FRIENDSHIP BANQUETSeasonal/Holiday/Event Ideas
”A friend loves at all times.” Proverbs 17:17

A morning or evening of food, fun and fellowship for children and senior adults.

Plan it:

  1. Select a date and time frame. (A Parent’s Night Out in February would be fun—as it would allow parents to enjoy a night out while kids enjoy a night at church.)
  2. Choose a theme for room and table decorations.
    (EX: Sports, Hawaiian, etc.) that will draw the two generations together and combine it with Scripture. (EX: Proverbs 17:17; John 15:12)
  3. Create a menu that is appealing to both groups and appropriate for the time of day.
    (Ex: Breakfast—Biscuits and Gravy, scrambled eggs and bacon with fresh fruit as a dessert, etc.
    Dinner—Chicken tenders, mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese, etc. Ice cream and cookies are a good, easy dessert)
  4. Determine the number and types of games/activities that will be featured. Below are some Game/Activity Ideas:
  • WHO DID THAT?—Have seniors write on an index card a fun or unique life experience. Call up three or four seniors and read the index cards. Have the children guess which card matches which senior.
  • CHARADES—Use app on Smart Phone or create cards with a variety of careers and activities.
  • HANGMAN—Call up teams of Senior/Kids to play together to solve the puzzle. Utilize a whiteboard or computer/projector and Bible words, phrases and verses for the puzzles.
  • PHOTO BOOTH—Create a fun backdrop with props.
  • CRAFT—Create a “Take-Home” Memory Page using “photo booth” pics along with facts about their new friends.
  • BIBLE DRILL PARTNERS —Allow paired up senior/child to go against other “teams” and look up “Friend” verses or Bible books.
  1. Design fun invitations and create posters to advertise the event (include appropriate dress and activities planned and a deadline to sign-up or purchase tickets.) Allow children to hand-deliver invitations to the senior adult Sunday School departments.
  2. Create thematic placemats with “Conversation Starters” to get kids and seniors talking to each other. Questions and/or statements might include:
    The first pet I ever had was a . . .  B. My favorite subject is school is/was and discuss why.  C. Share about siblings. D. Discuss hobbies, etc. 
  3. Assemble a team to prepare and serve the meal, serve as greeters, and a team to help with clean-up.
  4. Put the names of participating children in a container/basket.
  5. Make an agenda for the event from start to finish—adding a timeline to ensure that you get to everything planned.
  6. Create a “playlist” to use as background music for activities and dinner.


  1. Greet and personalize a name tag for all participants.
  2. As seniors enter, draw a child’s name from the container and seat them together.
  3. Let the fun begin—following the prepared agenda.
  4. Encourage “new friends” to look for each other at “big” church and to remember to pray for one another.

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