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Recently I wrote about five of my favorite things. Of course, I have other favorite things, so this is “more favorite things” for teachers. These things can be used for teacher-made resources, preparation for teaching, and for outreach ideas.



  1. Binder Clips: The clips are available in different sizes and colors. I use the clips to organize and clip papers together; they are better than regular paper clips especially to hold several pages. The clips can also be used for Bible markers, game pieces, and curriculum.
  1. Chalkboard Cardstock: I discovered this item among the back-to-school displays. I had never seen black cardstock. When I looked at the package cover, I saw the chalk drawings and words. I knew this product had good possibilities—for teachers and children. I can use this for Bible markers and for words (colored or white chalk) to display in the room. Children can use it or chalk drawing activities.
  1. Corner Cutters: Even though my teaching focus has never been on crafts, I enjoy looking at craft supplies at the craft stores. That’s when I discover something I want to use such as corner cutters. This is an item I use when I want to make special bookmarks to send to children or their parents. I can also use the cutters to make large or round corners to prepare strips and squares of paper for children to use at the art table.
  1. Design Scissors: I like using these scissors to cut around paper bookmarks or word cards. Children enjoy using the scissors at the art table. I usually provide several paper choices with the scissors. Glue can be added for this activity. Scissors are available at craft stores, but I also discovered some of the design scissors at a dollar store—my favorite store!
  1. Paper Trimmer: The title on the package was “Personal Paper Trimmer,” and that got my attention. This is a paper cutter I can hold in my hand and carry around with me. I can keep it in a bag or tray and use to cut paper strips and card sizes. It is much better to use at a table with children than one of the large paper cutters.


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