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This pandemic has pushed all of us out of our comfort zones. My head is spinning just trying to keep up with the changes that occur weekly, if not daily. I think I have “crisis fatigue” and even chocolate doesn’t fix it, but I will say chocolate does help. 

One of the many things I have been doing for the past six months is recording our weekly Sunday School lesson so kids can hear the Bible story each week. I’m the first to admit it feels weird to teach the Bible to the camera man, but he has learned plenty and often found it difficult to not laugh out loud or answer questions -especially when I talked about the show Flipper during our days of creation lessons. I have learned a lot over the past six months of recording these lessons and heard great feedback from families so we made a few upgrades and now we start filming the fall lessons each week (Bible Studies for Life). 

You might be doing the same thing. I applaud you if that’s true because I know what it takes. I also realize there are many churches that do not have the equipment (or camera man) to record and edit each week so I want to share. Rick is my awesome videographer whose heart for ministry is clear to everyone. He is now uploading the weekly Sunday School lesson to Mr. Mark’s Classroom YouTube channel. I just put the app on my phone. You can subscribe to get the notification when it’s posted (usually by Thursday) and be able to share the link with your families. 

While kids are staying safe at home, they still need Bible teaching for their spiritual journey. I have a whole month already uploaded if you want to check it out or use them in your ministry. Please note these lessons are taught for younger children. We created a private Facebook group for our older kids to watch their Bible study on Sunday mornings. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and access all the videos available at Mr. Mark’s Classroom at no cost.

Your Friend,

Mr. Mark

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