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Bring several instruments into the classroom which the children can explore.  Do not bring instruments that are too difficult or unsafe for children to explore.  In addition, provide materials to make instruments such as:

Shakers—paper towel tubes, small pebbles or rice, construction paper, tape.  Place rice or pebbles in a small container with a scoop.  Show the children how to tape a piece of construction paper to one end, place a scoop of rice/pebbles into the tube, then seal with another piece of paper and tape.

Wrist Bells—chenille stems and medium size bells.  Place the chenille stems and bells on a table.  Help children string the bells onto the stems, then secure with a little twist on their wrist.

Drums–round boxes with lids and unsharpened pencils.  Children can decorate their drum with stickers or markers.

Enjoy the beautiful music as you relate the session emphasis.

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