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Making nature plates is an interesting way to provide safe nature activities. Some nature items are fragile and need to be protected before using. This idea allows a child to hold and see the nature items.

Make plates for flowers or leaves. Talk about nature items to see, smell, and touch.

Think about the wonderful things God made (Job 37:14).


Supplies for Making Nature Plate:

  • 2 clear plastic plates, 6” or 9” size
  • flowers (Pansies work great!) or leaves
  • leaves
  • heavy clear tape

Note: This is a great activity for the fall; look for colorful fall leaves!


  1. Lay the flowers or leaves in the center of one of the clear plates. Use your fingers to flatten the flower petals; small leaves can also be added with the flowers. Carefully  arrange the leaves in the plate.
  2. Set another clear plate on top of the nature items.
  3. Press the two plates together. (See illustration.)
  4. Tape around the edges of the plates with heavy clear tape.

Teaching Tips:

  • Display the plates in the nature center near an open Bible. Place a marker at Job 37:14 to locate the verse about things God made.
  • Show a nature plate during group time to initiate conversation about fall and God’s plans for the seasons.
  • Bring supplies to make nature plates during a session. A child will enjoy having a plate to take home.

Bonus Idea:

Make extra plates to use for home visits. Show the plate to a parent and child during a home visit to talk about wonderful things God made and to tell about things boys and girls do in their room at church.

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