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Last week I went to the dentist to get a tooth prepped for a crown.  As he laid me back until I was standing on my head upside down, my great anxiety about the dentist grew even stronger.  BTW- You think I would be a more consistent flosser, but no.  Okay, the dentist had everything done and ready to go and my blood pressure peaked but no stroke- UNTIL!  The dental assistant went to squirting that goo in a tray and made my impressions.  I opened my mouth for her to remove the now hardened goo.  She pulled and twisted, prying the thing out of my mouth while loosening a back filling.  She reached in to get the loose filling from the innocent tooth only to drop it down my throat.

I came up from my headstand gagging trying to get this gold rock out of my airway when she started screaming, “Don’t swallow it!!”  I reached in my mouth about knuckles deep to retrieve the precious metal and hand it to her.  She jumped up and ran to other room while I return to my headstand position.  The dentist returned and said this was unfortunate but he could glue it back in place.  I wanted to say, “What was unfortunate was be strangled with my own tooth!” but I silently nodded.

Once I recovered from the innocent tooth, the little girl began fitting me for my falsely tooth to wear while the crown is being made.  She slipped it place and pulled it off a couple of times.  It seemed routine until she accidentally dropped that tooth down my throat too.  Same story- could have sung it!  Up from the chair he arose!, with her screaming not to swallow it and my hand deep in my throat trying to retrieve the lost treasure.  I should have looked for her car keys while I was in there.

True Story!  Mr. Mark

Here is a great idea to use with your children next Sunday.. Check out the other two blogs for awesome ideas as well!



Objective:  Work together to build silly dream stories.dream

Make copies on white paper with the following writing prompts:  “Who is in the dream?”, “Where are they?”, “What are they wearing?”, “What are they doing?”,  and  “How does it end?”.  Cut into cloud shapes.  Pass out papers and explain that each child will start a dream but someone else will add to it and finish it.  Let each child fill in the first prompt using people they know or famous people.  Trade  papers and have kids add to someone else’s dream story.  Remind them that it is okay to be silly, but do not write anything that might hurt feelings or embarrass others.  Read aloud! Tell kids, “Some dreams are silly, but Joseph had serious dreams!”

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