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Outreach requires organization to help a teacher become more effective and more involved in the ministry of teaching and reaching boys and girls and their families.

Computer files, notebooks, calendars, lists, and other tools can be used.
Consider creating a card file for your class to help you get started and stay organized throughout the year.




Supplies for Card File:

  • three-by-five-inch cards
  • hole punch
  • metal rings or card file binder

Bonus Idea:

  • photo of each child




1. Compile information about each child in your class including  names, home

addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and birth dates. Expand

this information to record names of family members. Add information

about schools for school-age children.

2. Create a file for this information by preparing a card for each child. Punch

holes in the cards, and attach a metal ring to hold the cards together. Cards

may also be placed in a card file binder (available at office supply stores and


3. After the card file is complete, use the back of a card to record the date and

type of contact made. Refer to the card file to recall ministry times and

consider other needs.

4. Check the cards often to determine contacts to be made such as home visits.

5. Expand the card file to include photos of each child. Photograph a child;

punch holes on the printed picture; place the photo in the card file with the

child’s information card.


Bonus Ideas:

  • Add information about where parents are enrolled in Sunday School in

order to know about adult teachers and to contact them if needed. If parents

are not enrolled, consider enlisting an adult teacher to visit with you.

  • Use the card file to pray for each child and his family.


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