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  • Paper towels that have an embossed design 
  • Fine or ultra-fine permanent markers 
  • Construction paper or scrap paper for a blotter underneath the paper towel 
  • Watercolors/water/brush 

This project is adaptable for children or preschoolers, and it is an excellent “doodling” activity that you can use while you tell and discuss the bible story. Or it could be used as an early-arriver activity.  It would also be a great “I’m BORED!” activity at home during Christmas break or on a snow day!


  1. Place a piece of construction paper on the table. Lay the paper towel over the construction paper so that your table will be protected from the marker ink and the paint. 
  2. If it’s an older child, have them trace or dot the pattern with a permanent marker.  They can add embellishments to the designs as they wish.
  3. After the child fills in the pattern, give them the paints, brush and water and they can fill in the design as they wish, letting the colors bleed. 
  4. If you are doing this activity with preschoolers, skip the permanent markers and just let them paint over the patterns embossed on the towels. 
  5. Let the paper towels dry. 

As a bonus, you can laminate the colored paper and cut it into the shape of a Christmas ornament. 

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