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This Friday I am hosting my next parent and child event, “Mother & Son Camp-In.”  I thought the dads and sons could have a Camp-Out in the spring, so Moms and Sons could have a Camp-In during the winter.  We are removing all the tables and chairs in the fellowship hall so our campers can set up their tents and air mattresses for the night.  Our evening includes pizza, brownie sundaes, Nerf battles and a movie to hopefully put everyone to sleep.  They will wake up to donuts and a devotional, and we are done.   

I heard some other ministry friends discussing some fun ideas and then I attended a Daddy/ Daughter Dance hosted by my friend Debbie Thompson in Tulsa, OK.  We had a wonderful time, and it really got my creativity going as I planned this year with my kids and their parents.  Watch my interview with Miss Debbie as she talks about her experience. She has held this event for several years.  I hope you will be inspired like I was. 

I would love to hear about the events you host and even see some pictures.  Leave a comment so everyone can see.  Keep up the good work you are doing in Children’s Ministry! 


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