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1. Guess the how many ornaments are in the jar?  This is a fun one time game but placing different candies in a jar each week for guessing could be great fun.  The closest number gets the jar of candy!

2. Tinsel Game-  This is similar to a drawing game.  Create two teams each in front of their team’s table with a length of tinsel.  Show the secret word to both artists.  Signal to start making the shape of the indicated word on the card and the first team to guess gets the point.

3. Terra Cotta Nativity– Give each child two small terra cotta pots (body of Mary and Joseph) and a small saucer (manger) to paint.  When dry, glue an unpainted wooden bead on each pot as the head then glue some scrap fabric as head covering.   Create baby Jesus by wrapping the fabric around a cotton ball and glue the bead on the bundle.  Draw the eyes with a permanent marker.  Add some raffia in the saucer as hay.  Write the child’s name and date inside the pots to remember in years to come.

4. Photo in a Ornament-  Purchase the inexpensive clear glass or plastic ornaments and roll a child’s photo to squeeze into the ornament.  Use a Q-Tip swab to open the photo inside if needed.  Permanent markers or paint can be used to decorate and date the ornament.  Add some fake snow, confetti or tinsel in the ornament if desired.

5. Painting an Ornament-  Allow the child to paint their hand with white paint and place the ornament in their small hand as they gently grip the ball.  Their handprint will transfer on the ornament.  When dry, invite kids to draw eyes, nose and details to each finger like snowmen.  Write the child’s name and the date.  Tie a ribbon around the top.  Option– fill a clear ornament two colors of paint to swirl inside the glass ornament.  Dump the excess and allow to dry.

6. Bake Christmas Cookies-  This can be as simple as slice and bake or bring ingredients to mix it. Toaster ovens work great in the classroom.  If you want to decorate with icing, pre-bake cookies or buy a box of sugar cookies.  Add some sprinkles if desired (and they are desired!).

7. Candy Cane Relay-  Create separate teams and explain the object of the game is to  race to the opposite end of the room and come back to tag the next person in line.  You must carry a candy cane on your face while you look at the ceiling– no hands.  If the candy cane falls, you must start over from the beginning.  After the first race, instruct each team they will now carry a portion of the nativity scene put in place then come back while carrying the candy cane on their face.  Adding a challenge at the opposite end of the room will make this game more interesting.

8. Tree Topper Game-  Cut out two Christmas trees from the pattern copied on green card stock paper.  Attach to a headband that fits over the head.  Glue the two trees together to make it more rigid.  Prepare six spring-type clothespins by gluing colorful  pom-poms in the top and end of each clothespin.  Invite two or more kids to play.  The first person to get all six clips on their tree, wins.

9. Tile Letters Verse-  Copy the letters on colorful paper and cut apart.  Sprinkle the letters on the table and ask children to find the letters of the Bible verse to glue across the top of their paper.  Allow room to draw or create an angel below the verse.  Provide supplies for kids to cut out angel wings, head, hair, and dress.  Markers, scissors and glue sticks.  Verse– Luke 2:11– A SAVIOR IS BORN TODAY

10. Illustrated Christmas Storybook– Fold three sheets of white paper in half to create the book.  Along the bottom of each page, print short phrases from Luke 2 for narration of the birth of Jesus.

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