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  • Turn off your phone whenever you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • Subscribe to periodicals that condense the news
  • In using a “Things To Do” list:
  1. Batching- Put things in groups:  Phone calls, errands, letter writing, email.
  2. Don’t put too many things on your list or you will be overwhelmed and not get anything done.
  3. Give each item a time limit.  Encourages self-motivation.
  4. Tackle one thing and work on it until it is finished.  Then mark it off yelling, “Haa Yaa!”
  • Learn to say “No.”  Practice saying it in front of the mirror.Picture1
  • Share the workload.  Delegate by enlisting others.  Some things should never be done alone.
  • Don’t rely on your memory.  Write things down.  That 100 yd. walk from the church to your car takes 20 minutes on Sundays because of people asking you things.  When they ask, jot it down in your phone and email it to yourself or you’ll forget.
  • Use your keys as reminders.  Put them on top of items you want to take with you.  When it’s time to go, as you grab your keys, you’ll remember the items under them.
  • Double your time:
  1. Driving:  Pray, take someone with you for planning, listen to podcasts, practice talks.
  2. Combine lunch, ministry visits and business.
  3. Doctor’s office:  Bring books to read or items to be organized.
  • Handling Mail:
  1. Toss junk mail.
  2. If you open a letter, answer it immediately.  Saves re-reading the letter several times.
  3. Write thank you notes immediately.
  4. Use email instead of writing.  It is less formal and saves time and money.
  • On the Phone:
  1. Write down a bulleted list of what you want to say before you call.  It saves calling back if you forgot something.
  2. Keep paper and pencil next to your phone.  Repeat important messages.
  3. Have often-used numbers next to phone.
  4. Don’t let the phone dictate your day.  Let people leave a message.
  5. Voice mail- Give your email address so people can write instead of leaving a message.  Encourage a text message if they call your cell number.
  • Block out time on your calendar to read, relax, be with family, goof off and pray.
  • Find a secret hiding place where you can go and not be interrupted by the phone or by people dropping by.  Do not take your power cord so you are forced to be on task.
  • Backdate your calendar.  When a large activity is approaching, determine how many days before the event the publicity needs to go out, the room reserved, the food purchased, the speaker secured, the music arranged, and write these on those dates on your calendar.  That way the activity doesn’t sneak up on you.

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