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Why do teachers avoid discipline?discipline

  • They don’t know what to do.
  • They have not prepared adequately for the session.
  • They are too busy.
  • They want the children to be happy.
  • They believe giving in once won’t hurt.
  • They are just trying to get through the session.
  • They lack a personal relationship with the children.


“To create an atmosphere of positive discipline the teacher must be a positive role model and set the example.  The children will follow your lead.”

Ask yourself these questions…

What is the goal of discipline?  Self Discipline– The child will learn to create boundaries and a sense of good and bad choices to help focus him for a positive result.  Talk through decision making with the child and coach him.

What are the attitudes of discipline? Teacher/ Trainer not punisher- Use language that encourages.  In a child’s frustration, offer words or questions to help her describe her feelings and not give up.

Encourage her to use her words to describe her feelings.

What is the environment of discipline? Room set-up, clear  from distractions, self-directed learning, satisfaction, teacher praise, affirmation, celebration, cooperation with others, and choices.  Give positive feed back.

What part does “Punishment” play in discipline?  Negative- Time-out is labeling and belittling. Try facing the consequences of bad choices.

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