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You teach through the environment…

  • Clean the room.  Sparkle the windows clean.
  • Paint the room a soft color if needed.  Color is added with teaching materials.
  • Put only necessary things into the classroom.
  • Window coverings are not necessary, unless sunlight is distracting.  Use window as a teaching tool.  How many ways can you teach a child about God as you both look out a window?
  • Allow preschoolers to touch anything in the room (with guidance) which is accessible to them.  Remove unsafe items from their reach

You teach through facial expressions…Mean teacher

  • Your eyes provide many expressions and the children read them.
  • Your grimace over an absolutely natural activity of a child soiling a diaper says, “This is bad!”
  • Your smile when a child arrives in the classroom says, “I’m glad you are here!”
  • A wink can communicate affirmation to the work they are doing.

♥    What other facial expressions give messages to children?

You teach through body language…

  • As you move calmly and are on the child’s eye level, you are saying, “Everything’s okay.”
  • Hands on hips and a stink eye say to the child, “You are in trouble.”

♥    Think of other positive and negative ways body language speaks loudly.

You teach through voice inflections…

  • Instead of trying to talk above a child’s voice, when it is loud, whisper.  The contrast gets attention and calms the child.
  • Speak clearly and distinctly.  Every word you speak can be repeated from a child who is growing her vocabulary.
  • Talking with other adults in the room should be minimal.  Talking with children is the priority.

♥    Name other ways the voice a teaching influence?

You teach through dress…

  • Good grooming is noticed by everyone.
  • A brightly colored shirt attracts the attention of even young children.
  • Wearing clothing that does not limit your mobility will reduce your frustration.
  • Aprons and smocks are welcomed and often promote teaching.

♥    How do teachers teach through what they wear?

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