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  • Large pom poms (at least six for each worm)
  • Baker’s twine (or any cotton twine)
  • Blunt darning needle
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Paint stirrers

Have you seen worms outside lately?  They may be eating your garden, but soon they will turn into beautiful caterpillars. Today we’re going to make our own wiggly worm puppets.

  1. Cut off a length (24”) of twine. Thread it through the blunt needle. Tie a knot in the end. 
  2. Run the needle through the center of the pom poms until you have at least six on the string. 
  3. Pull the pom poms slightly apart so that they will move (flow) like a worm. 
  4. Glue two googly eyes on the end pom pom. Cut two 12” lengths of twine. 
  5. Tie one between the head and the next pom pom. 
  6. Tie the other two pom poms from the tail. 
  7. Now tie the loose ends to the paint stick. 

Move the paint stick to make your worm dance!

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