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A Great Idea for Outreach:

If you shop for postcards to send to children, you might have difficulty finding ones that are age-appropriate. Many postcards show unrealistic pictures such as animals wearing clothing or cartoon art.  Consider making your own cards for mailing.Illustration for Postcards for Mailing

Remember that children enjoy receiving mail!

What to Gather:

  • index cards (must by 4 inches by six inches)
  • gummed colored circles
  • photographs of children’s art work
  • photographs, seasonal
  • black permanent felt-tip marker


Put It Together

Colored Circles:

  1. Use a black permanent felt-tip marker to print an initial on each circle to spell a child’s name. (See illustration.)
  2. Print message under the child’s name.
  3. Turn the card over to print the address. Add a postcard stamp and mail.


  1. Prepare extra prints of a child’s art work and seasonal photographs to use for postcards. The prints must be 4 by 6 inches to mail. (See illustration.)
  1. Draw a line with a permanent felt-tip marker on the back of the photograph to divide the space. Print message on the left side and address on the right side. Add a postcard stamp and mail.

Teaching Tip: Add a Bible verse to postcard such as God loves us. (Psalm 107:1).



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