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Bath Salts

As young children explore their environment, they begin to learn that items in their environment can be classified in many ways, such as into solids and liquids. This activity encourages children to experiment with solids and liquids and introduces them to the concept of change in science.


  • Epsom salt
  • Food coloring
  • Fragrance-perfume or cologne samples or fragrance oils
  • One baby food jar per child
  • One plastic sandwich baggie per child
  • One 4”x4” fabric square per childPicture1
  • Thing ribbon
  • Water table or basin
  • Pitcher of warm water


1. Examine the ingredients together. Discuss characteristics of each item. Is it a solid? A liquid? How does it feel? Can you smell it?

2. Encourage children to make predictions about what will happen when the fragrance, food coloring, and salts are combined.

3. Help each child fill a small jar with Epsom salt.

4. Add one to two drops of food coloring and mix well.

5. Add fragrance to the mixture until it has the desired scent. To five as a gift, cut a colorful piece of fabric to color the lid and tie the fabric onto the lid with a piece of ribbon.

6. Make an extra jar or two and use it in the water table or basin to let the children observe and experience what happens when you add water to the mixture. Pour one or two handfuls of bath salts under warm running waster to create a soothing, fragrant concoction. Enjoy!

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