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Fat Heads


We can print your pastor, children’s pastor, VBS director or whomever you want as a giant FAT HEAD!

They are approximately 48” tall depending on the photo submitted. Simply take a picture of the person with your phone’s camera. Closer is better and HD is best. If we enlarge a tiny portion of a photo, it often will not be clear. The design and printing takes about 10 days unless you expedite the order (This moves you to the front of the line.).

Once you have completed your Fat Head order, please email your picture to  

Please submit actual photos. For best results take a close up photo with a camera phone. No screenshots or internet photos please. 

NOTICE – Due to higher volume of VBS decoration orders, delivery of this item may take up to two weeks.


Once you have completed your Fat Head order, please email your picture to

Your FAT HEAD will arrive in a box and will require you to unroll it, cut it out with scissors, and attach it to a cardboard surface. We used a large, heavy duty box that we purchased from Lowes. Write your VBS dates and location with time on the back because this is an attention grabber.  This will be great to use for promoting VBS at church, schools, parades and more. They just can’t miss it!

Preparing you FAT HEAD

  1. Cut open the large-Heavy Duty cardboard box on one corner so that all four sides lay flat in a row.
  2. Attach the photo to the cardboard (printed side) with tape, rubber cement or spray adhesive. (We tested with Elmer’s glue and it caused the photo paper to become slightly wavy.) 
  3. Cut out the photo and cardboard using a sharp blade. Do not hurry. Change the blade if it becomes dull.
  4. Discard the scraps and notice the cardboard back it free from any writing. It might be fun to invite kids to sign the back of the FAT HEAD.
  5. Attach a mailing tube or large dowel rod with tape.

Additional information

Weight 2.3 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 4 in


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