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Ping Pong Custom Poster


Kid Ministry Leaders can create a fun game using Ping-Pong balls and plastic cups. For the photo, Mr. Mark placed a cup in each of his pants pockets, both hands and his his mouth. He even taped one to the bill of his hat.

You too can create a fun poster for your kids that enjoy playing this ping-pong game. The game can be used for review questions, Bible drill commands or simply place it in the hall for kids to play as they are waiting for class to start or waiting for parents. Be sure to move in close to frame the photo when taking the picture. Order your poster today so the fun can begin!


The large photo (32” x  40”) is printed on heavy-weight glossy photo paper to fit the large size foam core display boards sold at craft stores or you can tape it to the wall.

To play: Tape a cup to the photo in each location on the photo and add point values to the cups. Place a table in front of the poster like a runway and a bowl of ping pong balls  Kids must bounce the ball on the table and into the cup for the points. (Cups and ping-pong balls are not included with purchase.)

*Please Note – For best results make sure your phone camera is on HD and move in close to frame the subject. When the subject is too small and must be edited the photo it will not be clear. Email your photo to

Please submit actual photos. No screenshots or internet photos please. 


Additional information

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 4.5 in


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