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All children can begin to recognize letters and words from the Bible with this fun activity. Teachers can plan activities to help a child develop this skill. Bible-learning activities might include copying or tracing Bible words and verses. Letter tiles can be used to spell Bible words.

Purchase magnetic letters at a school/teacher store or at Walmart. Consider using a drip pan (from an auto parts store or Walmart) for an activity to spell words.


Supplies for Spelling Bible Words Activity:

  • magnetic letter tiles
  • large metal drip pan
  • paper or card stock

Note: If magnetic letter tiles are not available, print several sets of letters on paper or card stock using a computer or marker. Allow enough space between letters to cut apart.


  1. Set the metal pan on a table or on the floor.
  2. Spread the magnetic letter tiles in the center of the pan.
  3. Arrange the Bible words near the letter tiles. (See illustration.)

Teaching Tips:

  • Children can sit on each side of the drip pan to use the letter tiles and spell the words.
  • Use words from the Bible story for the session.*
  • Open the Bible to show a child a word; read the Bible verse.
  • Read a verse about Bible words such as God’s words in the Bible help us learn (Psalm 119:30).
  • Remind preschoolers that they are growing and learning about the Bible.

Mention that when they learn how to read the Bible they will discover that the Bible teaches us how to live (2 Timothy 3:16).

* Words in illustration from Bible story “David Obeyed His Father” (1 Samuel 17:12-12). bread (v. 17); cheese (v. 18); obey (v. 20, David set out as Jesse instructed him—He obeyed His father).

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