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Use the water from your boat-building game.  Anything that floats will work as game pieces.  Ping pong balls, fun foam, or slices of foam cups work well.  Splurge on a set of preschool chunky foam  letters that stick on the tub wall for bath time.  Float the entire alphabet in the water.  Make a set of flashcards with the books of the Bible on them.  For younger kids, leave off the first letter.  For older kids, leave off a letter anywhere in the name of the book of the Bible.  For example: _OMANS or PRO_ERBS.  As soon as the flash card is shown, kids try to be the first to grab the missing letter.  Get ready for splashes!  Whoever grabs the correct letter must either spell the book name from memory or tell what comes before and after.  Each book has a unique name because each book is special!  Great add on for any lesson with water involved.


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