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Reviewing the tips for Sunday morning survival will affirm a teacher in what she is doing well and help her in areas that might need some work. Gathering the supplies will help the teacher prepare for Sunday morning each week.

Tips for Sunday morning survivors:

  • Select a box or bag (or both!) for materials and other Sunday stuff.
  • Understand the commitment to teach Bible truths.
  • Remember that this is a 7-day-a-week task.
  • Verify the available resources for Sunday morning.
  • Imagine ways to teach Bible truths.
  • Voice encouragement to parents.
  • Accept each child with unconditional love.
  • Listen—to children, to teachers, to parents, and to church leaders

Survivor Supplies:

Sticky notes (to mark teaching resources and to use for activities)

Unruled cards (4-by-6-inch size for activities and postcards)

Retractable markers/pens (for teacher use—no lost tops!)

Various colors of felt-tip markers, pencils, and paper (for learning center activities)

Ideas for smartphone (photos during session, photo messages to parents, photos for games)

(Note: If smartphone is not available, use another camera.

Variety of plans for group time(additional activity or game)

Age-appropriate curriculum(items for leaders and learners)

Lesson plans(monthly plan sheets for weekly session plans)

Oh, that all Sunday School teachers would know the blessings of being someone who teaches Bible truths to boys and girls and ministers to their families!

Let everything you do reflect the seriousness and integrity of your teaching.  (Titus2:7, NLT)

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