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When asked recently about how I deal with all the ministry encounters and church circumstance of our day, I simply shared a copy of my personal ABC’s of Ministry.


A – Acknowledge His Grace, Everyday!


B – Be kind, no matter what!  Bless Others!


C – Character is always more important than comfort!


D – Depend upon His Guidance Each Day!


E – Enjoy Your Family as a Gift From God and Encourage People Every Day!


F – Forgive and Forget Easily and Fish When You Can!


G – Give generously from your Heart!


H – Help gladly those you can!


I – Interfere Sparingly!


J – Judge Not – You’re not Qualified!


K – Know God’s Word – Know His Heart!


L – Love Everybody as They Are!  Love My Pastor and His Wife.


M – Make Friends Easily!


N – Name-Dropping Accomplishes Nothing!


O – Open Your Heart to Others!


P – Pray About Everything


Q – Quibbling over Trivia is a Waste of Time!


R – Respect others and Yourself!


S – Sing Everyday!


T – Trust God – not opinions!


U – Ulterior Motives will rise up to bite you!


V – Visit the Lost, the sick, and all those needing the Love of Christ.


W – Wait patiently on the Lord to change things.


X – Xerox everything – just in case you need it!!


Y – Yell only when you are alone (then it’s healthy!)


Z – Zero tolerance for Lies and Liars!


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