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  • Bamboo skewers 
  • Paint 
  • Foam brush 
  • Colored cocktail toothpicks (optional) 
  • Small sealable bags (optional) 



  1. Paint the bamboo skewers in various Fall colors. 
  2. Make a chart, assigning a color to each category:   
  • Name a thing you thank God for. 
  • Name a person you thank God for. 
  • Name a place you thank God for.  
  • Name a food you thank God for. 
  • Name anything you thank God for.  



Gather all the skewers in your hand, stand them on the floor or table, then drop them.  The challenge is to remove a stick without disturbing the other sticks. (Pick Up Sticks) 



Give each child several cocktail picks to make a miniature version of the game to take home. 


Ptintable: Attitude of Gratitude Game




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