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Response to Paige Patterson: Sacrifice: Am I prepared.

By Amanda Davis

“The things that are seen are temporary, but the things unseen are eternal”.  This is the message I was listening to through ITunes University.  The professor, Paige Patterson, of Southwestern Theological Seminary.  He was speaking on the passage, 2 Corinthians 4:7-11, 16.  Patterson repeated this phrase many times saying, “If you are to be successful man/ woman of God you must have an eternal view of your things, your life, and your calling.”

In reference to my mission, I began to think of that statement and the task of ministering to special needs people and their families.  The first part of this phrase is so true to our world.  The things we see are temporary.  The buildings will not last, our money will one day all fade away, the cars we drive, technology, and so much more.  In light of this, may be the most encouraging: sickness and disabilities.  Have you ever thought about heaven in this way?  One day there will be no more communication disorders because we will all be able to understand each other.  One day there will be no limitations of handicaps on our bodies for we will be given new bodies and be able to run together.

This very hope is the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.  You see, it’s when we realize that it’s all about Christ, that we can then begin to focus on our mission in this ministry of special needs as we see people as equally created in the image of God.  The things not seen are eternal, so when the tantrum is raging, or the sickness has us weak in our bodies or our hearts, we must remember that the main purpose of anything we do is to love others and show them the love of God so that we might have a chance to share the amazing message of the gospel.

One day, we will see the ones who have gone before us.  One day I will be able to run with my students whose legs never worked.  One day I will be able to sit with my students who have behaviors and talk about what it was like in those moments of chaos when they couldn’t communicate their needs. One day we will sit as one family without anyone being left out because they look or act differently. This one day will be eternal, this one day will become our normal.  However, if we can’t witness to these families in these days on earth, they will miss the one day we were destined to have.

If you would like more information on resources or other articles like this one on disability ministry, please visit or email me at Together we can change the way our churches view and reach out to these special needs individuals and their families.


Mission Activity Ideas for Children’s Ministry

Adopt a Business

A great project that can be on-going through a semester or the year, is for your mission class to adopt a business near your church. The lead teacher should make contact with any possible business, fire station, or police department and ask if it would be alright for the class to adopt them by bringing them treats a few times a year. The treats could include cookies or brownies prepared by the children, or prepared by the teacher. Kids can make the notes (encouragement or thank you) and package the treats in a gift bag. The teacher can deliver the goodies.

Prayers in a Snowstorm

(Adapted from Children In Action)

Boys and girls will make prayer reminders that are fun to use. Gather one empty 20 ounce soft drink bottle for each child, with label removed. Each child will also need a white plastic plate and a permanent marker.

Other supplies needed are scissors, measuring spoons, white or silver glitter, white pony beads of interesting shapes (opt.), clear corn syrup, water and duct tape.

For each child, cut six 1×2 inch ovals from the plastic plates. Write one of the following words on each oval:







Put the ovals in the bottle. Add 1 teaspoon of glitter to the bottle, add the pony beads (if using). Fill the bottle one-half full of clear corn syrup. Fill the bottle the rest of the way to the top with water. Tighten the lid on the bottle, and secure with duct tape.

Each day the kids will shake the bottle and whatever item pops up first is what they will pray for that day.

This could be a good companion activity if you are studying missionaries in one of the northern countries.

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