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Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me That?

Maybe you are starting new in children’s ministry or maybe you have been in the ministry a while.  Whatever your situation, it is easy to get bogged down or simply stuck.  Here are 10 truths to consider as you listen to God and lead your people.

1. Take care of you, no one else will.

2. Know what you believe and why you believe it! Picture1

3. People are more important than programs.

4. Organization is your best friend.

5. Give away your ministry.

6. We may all be created equal, but that doesn’t insure quality.

7. Every hill is not worth dying on!

8. Change is sometimes good…sometimes not so good.

9. Be as loyal as possible.

10. You are not irreplaceable.

Bonus: Longevity is invaluable.


What To Do:

Here are a couple of idea sheets you can add to your VBS planning and Birthday Celebrations.  Click the link below to see the printable copies.

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