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Supplies Needed:  12 green envelopes per child, a gold star cut from cardstock, poster board, glue or tape.  12 devotions or acts of kindness, instructions, small candies that are age appropriate, markers, Christmas foam shapes, or stickers.  Magnets or ribbon to display.

Give each child 12 green envelopes that have been numbered

1-12, the 12 family devotions/acts of kindness, the star, and glue or tape.  Instruct the children to put the family devotion/act of kindness in the corresponding numbered envelope along with candy.   Allow them to decorate each envelope. Glue or tape each envelope on the poster board to make the shape of a tree.  Place the envelope labeled #12 at the top.  Attach the star.  Put the instructions on the back of the poster.  Each day/night for twelve days leading up to Christmas day, families open one envelope and enjoy the activity together.


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