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LifeWay Christian Resources has provided a terrific e-book, Understanding Today’s Preschoolers; Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today. Click here for your free download today!

God has truly blessed you with the opportunity to teach and/ or parent today’s preschoolers.  You have timeless opportunity to influence the leaders of tomorrow as you guide your boys and girls during these important years.  In fact, the preschoolers in your group or home today will take Jesus Christ to a world you will never know.  God is using everything you are doing with them to guide each one of your preschoolers to lay foundations that will last their lifetimes.  Upon these spiritual foundations they will let God minister through them to their world.

In addition, God is teaching you how to teach and parent your preschoolers.  He has given you these kids as gifts with promise to guide you to be the best parent and/or teacher.  That is what this book is about.  It is designed to be a tool for both parents and teachers in understanding the common characteristics and needs that God gives all preschoolers.  You will find the following helps:

1. Basic Needs of PreschoolersPicture1

2. Early Childhood Learning

3. Age group Characteristics

4. Dealing with Behavior Issues

5. Working with Special Needs

6. Blended Families & Divorce

7. Multicultural Issues

Thank you to LifeWay for investing in parents and teachers and championing children’s ministry.

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