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Boulder Bridge:


1) Cut the bridge and attaching pieces from a thick construction foam panel.  Remember when cutting the bridge arch from corner to corner, there will be scrap pieces that can be used for the land area to make the bridge more dramatic.


2) Arrange all the pieces in a workable shape that can be assembled together later.   Label the pieces on its back.


3) Multiple pieces will make storage easier.


4) Cover each piece with polyester batting used for quilting.


5) Using the prepared sheets painted when creating the sun set, turn the sheet sideways so painted lines and streaks are horizontal.


6) Working from the center out, create rock formations by tucking the fabric and batting into the foam board using a flat screw driver.


7) Work in horizontal lines that are a bit jagged.


8) Watch for streaks in the paint to help guide the lines for the rocks.


9) Work all the fabric slowly using the material so the fabric already pinned does not pull out.


10) After all the tucks have been made, cut the remaining fabric and tape the edge to the back of the board.


11) Assemble the pieces with tape and use chairs to stand the bridge in the scene for display.

VBS Boulder Bridge

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