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This archaeology “DIG” site will transform your stage into a scene from Israel that will grab the attention of everyone around. The large stone ruins are 16 feet long and eight feet high. They are professionally printed on four large sticker sheets that are 8’ x 4’. The adhesive backing is perfect for attaching to light-weight foam construction panels from Lowe’s (Click here to see a demonstration.) No Painting Needed!!!   

The bundle includes three half column stickers. Wrap the adhesive sheets around cement mold tubes to form one full column and one half column laying in the scene of ruins (pictured below). Cement mold tubes can be found at Lowes. An additional column set is pictured in the video. (Individual columns are sold separately.) (Column assembly instructions are available here.)

Many more props are included in the bundle stickers such as: Six boulders, four clay vases, and several tools (picks, shovels, brushes, & trials). 

    Check out more pictures of the Archaeology Bundle. This bundle is available through our store for $168.99.

Click here to order your archaeology decorations today.

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