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Hey Friends!

Here is the Breaker Rock Beach VBS crafts breakdown from our testing with children.  Please notice the cost breakdown and the comments we heard from the children testing them.  Maybe this will help when choosing crafts for your VBS.  I am so grateful for the team that helped with the testing and especially for Lynn Jordan who compiled this information for us to use.  We like reading reviews before buying an item so reading reviews from kids before choosing crafts is a big win!  We love this VBS theme and these craft options are terrific!  

I included a few pics that I took when we got to see the finished crafts.  Super cute!

Click here to download the Cost Breakdown

On Another Note.. Let’s Make Hot Cocoa Mugs!


  • 6 Jumbo popsicle sticks 
  • 4 Regular popsicle sticks 
  • Red paint 
  • Brown paint 
  • 6 Minature white pom pom balls 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue 
  • White paint pen 
  • Adhesive Magnet or Silver Pipe Cleaner


  • Line all of your jumbo popsicle sticks together 
  • Glue one regular popsicle stick diagonal over the six jumbo sticks and let dry 
  • Make a handle by placing two of the regular popsicle sticks parallel to each other off the side of the glued structure 
  • Cut the last popsicle stick so that it is just long enough to connect the two parallel popsicle sticks and let dry 
  • Paint a small portion of the top of the jumbo popsicles brown, this is your cocoa 
  • Paint the rest of the mug red and let everything dry, apply multiple coats if needed 
  • Glue down the white pom poms to the brown section, these are the marshmallows for your cocoa 
  • Decorate your mug with the white pen 
  • Attach the magnet to the back of the craft, or you can hang this up with a pipe cleaner.

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