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Make this simple Baseball Necklace as a craft in VBS or maybe for an early enrollment emphasis. Schedule a Sunday to enroll kids and workers by setting up tables with enrollment forms or computers if you want to provide electronic enrollment. While parents are quickly working through the enrollment form, the kiddos can make this cute necklace.  By the way, I refer to this for VBS 2017, but it is clearly 2018. Oh Well! 


  • Large metal washers (one for each necklace) 
  • White spray paint 
  • pencils 
  • Red permanent markers (fine tip is best) 
  • Plastic lace or beaded chain 


  1. Spray paint the washers several days before using them so they may dry. 
  2. Provide an example of a baseball and how to draw the stitching on the washer. 
  3. Allow kids to use a pencil so they can erase before using the marker. 
  4. Encourage kids to write their name on the washer and wear it to VBS (it makes a great nametag). 
  5. Cut plastic lace or yarn for the child. 
  6. Hold the ends of the lace together to find the center of the lace. Push the center loop through the washer hole then thread the end through the loop to attach the lace to the washer. Tie the ends. 

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